Board of Directors Meeting

November 16, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

January 19, 2021 BOD 3PM; EXE 4PM
February 16, 2021 3PM; EXE 4PM
March 16, 2021 3PM; EXE 4PM
April 20, 2021 3PM; EXE 4PM
May 18, 2021 3PM; EXE 4PM
June 15, 2021 4PM EXE; 5PM BOD
July 20, 2021 4PM EXE; 5PM BOD
August 17, 2021 4PM EXE; 5PM BOD
September 21, 2021 3PM; EXE 4PM
October 19, 2021 3PM; EXE 4PM
November 16, 2021 3PM; EXE 4PM
December 21, 2021 3PM; EXE 4PM
To be held at TBD

Regular Session Agenda: An agenda is made available to the association’s membership in accordance with NRS 116.3108. You may obtain a copy of the agenda from Terra West Management five business days before the meeting by calling (702-362-6262) or by email from

Homeowner Forums: There will be two forums for homeowners in the Regular Session; One at the beginning of the meeting where homeowners may comment on agenda items only and one at the end of the regular session for comments on general topics. No action can be taken upon a matter raised during the second forum until the matter has been included on a future agenda. Comments may be limited to three minutes and no owner can give away their allotted time to expand another owners’ time.

Minutes/Audio Recordings: The Regular Session will be audio recorded by Management. Copies of the minutes and/or the audio recording will be available from Terra West Management Services by calling (702-362-6262) or by email from

The Board meets in Executive Session which is closed to homeowners to discuss only: matters of litigation; the conduct of a community manager or employee; violations of the governing documents; delinquent assessments; penalties for failure to adhere to construction schedules. EXECUTIVE SESSIONS MAY NOT BE RECORDED. Minutes of the Executive Session are confidential and are not available to homeowners. A homeowner may request a copy of the part of the record that pertains to one’s self.